Interview with the founder Jeremy Hahn

The topic of the interview with Jeremy Hahn is about his experience creating a custom beer craft brewing company. Jeremy Hahn is a craft beer brewer and founder of Excalibur Brewing Co., a brewery based in Spring, Texas that specializes in producing unique, barrel-aged and wild fermented beers.

In the interview, Hahn discusses his journey into the craft beer industry and how he started his own brewing company. He talks about the challenges he faced along the way, such as sourcing quality ingredients and finding the right equipment, as well as his passion for experimenting with different flavors and brewing techniques.

Hahn also shares insights into the craft beer industry, including the importance of community and collaboration among brewers, the rise of sour beers, and the increasing popularity of barrel-aged and wild fermented beers.

Overall, the interview provides an interesting perspective on the craft beer industry and the creative process behind developing unique and innovative beer flavors.

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